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April  21, 2017
In collaboration with Scientific Research Institute of Mining Machinery NIPIGORMASH, NAO (Ekaterinburg, Russia), Zhejiang Shuangyang Fan Co., Ltd.  offered new special series DTF-20 fan for metro and tunnel which has been designed for the Russian market according to the NIPIGORMASH BOM-20 project.

February 10, 2017
Company "TWOSUN" fan was identified as brand-name product in Zhejiang Province.
Recently, the Zhejiang Brand Strategy Promotion Committee officially announced the list of Zhejiang brand name products, "TWOSUN" ventilator list, was identified as Zhejiang brand-name product.

November 08, 2016
The company obtained civil nuclear safety equipment design permit, manufacturing license.
Recently, the company received the National Nuclear Safety Administration of China Nuclear Security No. 241 "issued on the Zhejiang Shuangyang Fan Co., Ltd. civilian nuclear safety equipment design and manufacturing license notice", the State Nuclear Safety Administration approved the company's fan products into the civilian nuclear Safety design, manufacturing license license activities listed in the scope of the development of civilian nuclear safety equipment design and manufacturing activities.

August 23, 2016
"TWOSUN" trademark was identified as Zhejiang famous brand.
The famous Trademark Review and Adjudication Board issued a list of well-known trademarks in Zhejiang Province, named "TWOSUN" and other 341 trademarks for the "Zhejiang famous brand", which is Shuangyang following Zhejiang famous firms Title, the harvest of another provincial awards.

May 19, 2016
Shaoxing City Committee Qian Jianmin secretary to the company inspection.
Shaoxing Party Secretary Qian Jianmin in Shaoxing Municipal Committee, Secretary-General Wei Wei, party secretary Sun Yunyao and other municipal Party committee, district leaders, accompanied by the company to inspect and to research. Qian Jianmin secretary and his entourage, accompanied by Dong Mingwei, chairman of the company, into the workshop, see products, ask sales, understand the production and operation of enterprises, listen to the next step to develop plans and suggestions.

March 08, 2016
The company was identified as Shaoxing City "integrity business".
Since the establishment of the company, always abide by business ethics, law-abiding, civilized business. Recently, "good faith enterprise" selection activities, our company by virtue of integrity, pragmatic corporate image from thousands of enterprises stand out, was named Shaoxing City, "the integrity of enterprises," the title of Shaoxing City Enterprise integrity to create activities group The Commission issued a "good faith" medal. In this, but also special thanks to the majority of customers Shuangyang company's long-term support and love.

January 24, 2016
The city's main responsibility for the implementation of the production safety pilot site will be held in our company. City leaders Wu Zhiyu, deputy mayor, the city of the State Administration of Taxation Luo Guolai and the township, the streets and departments responsible for the security of nearly 80 people on the ground to see the Division I pilot site.

December  17, 2015
The company organizes all the staff for medical examination
With the accelerated pace of life, work pressure increases, the physical quality of workers is particularly important. Zhejiang Shuangyang Fan Co., Ltd. from the care of the health of workers, to stimulate the enthusiasm of the work, enhance corporate cohesion, build a harmonious internal environment, but also to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers to ensure the health of workers, the organization of all employees for a physical examination.

November 27, 2015
Shuangyang was Yan Shing Cup China's top ten ventilation brand, which lasted for half a year, far-reaching "Yan Xin Cup" HC Network Sixth China's air conditioning industry top ten brand selection activities, HC Network Sixth China frozen refrigeration industry top ten brand selection event awards ceremony Held in Beijing. The award is divided into air conditioning industry and refrigeration and refrigeration industry, after the network sea election, the second round of voting, expert review, research and other major links, Zhejiang Shuangyang Fan Co., Ltd. stand out, won the China's top ten ventilation brand The Air conditioning and refrigeration industry has won the top ten selection of six, to influence the future to change the industry, witness the industry as the purpose of organizing activities in the industry to form a good communication bridge role.


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